Lazy Susan make charity donation to Arms Around The Child

As part of our ongoing Do Some Good charity initiative, we recently made a donation to a new charity called Arms Around The Child…

As part of our ongoing Do Some Good charity initiative, we recently made a donation to a new charity called Arms Around The Child.

This is not an organisation we’ve donated to before but one we plan to partner with as our Do Some Good campaign moves into it’s seventh year.

Arms Around The Child is a global charity that are looking to build a better and kinder environment for children living in extreme adversity, orphaned, abandoned, at risk of child abuse – sexual or otherwise, trafficked or living in child-headed households.

Sometimes the issues of the world or issues in our own lives seem so huge or overwhelming that we can’t bear it or we may feel inadequate, but we can all participate in a kinder world for children, because if not us, then who?

Arms Around The Child are simply asking us to help them create a powerful impact by refusing to turn ours back on our human family and to show determination in striving to change the lives of others in less fortunate circumstances than ours.

Help us to help them!

Ellie Milner, the Global Director of Arms Around The Child sent us the following message:

“Thank you so much for your donation, it will make a huge difference to the work we do with children living in extreme adversity.”

 About the work Arms Around The Child do across the globe

In India where they look after more than 180 children who have been affected by HIV/AIDS, orphaned, abandoned and stigmatised; they are proud that the work they’re doing is having a significant impact on the health of the children, teenagers and some young adults with vastly improved close medical supervision. 

Many of the children are excelling at school and one has completed her MBA at Rajasthan University plus there are 2 others from their care home in Jaipur that are starting their degree programmes this year. 

To these young adults that are embarking on their first steps into adulthood, independence, living with HIV/AIDS and overcoming the stigma attached to their status, it is crucial that Arms Around The Child maintain their high level of support to enable this smooth transition. 

For each child/teenager/young adult at their 2 homes in Jaipur for 35 boys and 20 girls, they send approximately £500 per year plus additional staffing costs to the homes. 

Over in Africa, they’re focussed on the development of their site in Senya Beraku, Ghana where they look after over 50 young children who have come from varying backgrounds of extreme adversity, some rescued from slavery and trafficking, some abandoned as in the case of the young lad who was rejected by his parents and the community due to cerebral palsy. 

They are also building a school in Senya Beraku for the children they look after and the wider local community with the help of their Ambassador for all work in Ghana, the professional footballer Christian Atsu (pictured below).

Christian Atsu Ambassador for Arms Around The Child

At Bobbi Bear in Durban, South Africa they are continuing the battle against child sexual abuse which unfortunately is not getting any easier, and in Soweto, South Africa they are still finding a great need to look after children living in child-headed households, as well as supporting a new programme that is designed to help young women who are testing HIV+.

They said in a recent email to Lazy Susan:

“We thank you from the bottom of our hearts that we are able to provide this direct support from your donation. 100% of the funds donated by the public goes directly to our work. Once again a huge thank you from us, all the children and organisations that we support to live happy healthy lives with love hope and respect. AATC is now supporting a new programme which is a direct donation to a mother in need and we also run a volunteer programme"

 About our Do Some Good charity initiative 

Our popular charity initiative has raised over £80,000 to date for great causes across the UK and around the world.

This year alone has again seen some wonderful submissions, and we've been able to donate over £28,000 to our chosen charity partners, including:

Our most recent donations have been to Arms Around The Child and the LifeHouse. These are two new charities we haven't supported before, however, they were introduced to us by members of the Lazy Susan team.

The LifeHouse is a kitchen, resource and support centre for those in need living in Portsmouth and Southsea close to the Lazy Susan head office, and you can read more about them and our donation here.

All of this is only possible because of the photographs you’ve sent us!

We still want to donate as much as we can to the NHS and our chosen charity partners in 2020, it’s not too late but to do so, we need your help…

How can you help?

There’s a few simple ways you can get involved… 

  • Simply send us a few photos of your Lazy Susan furniture in your garden to [email protected].
  • Share your photos and tag us at @LazySusanFurniture on Facebook or @lazysusanfurniture on Instagram.
  • Or post a review on Trustpilot.

We’ll donate £10 for every set of photographs you send or review you post, however, we’ll increase that to £20 for photos showing the table dressed to impress.

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