Garden Furniture

When it comes to vintage garden furniture, for Lazy Susan, it has to be wrought iron garden furniture. Not only is it beautiful and elegant, you...
Metal garden furniture is the perfect choice if you want good looks, rigid construction, low maintenance and longevity.
Some of the harsh weather we will get in the UK over the coming months can take its toll on any of the different types of garden furniture, be it...
The approach of Summer and the terrible weather we seem to be having this Spring, surely means we are in for a cracking summer?!
At a time when we all need our money to go that little bit further, what better way to do it than to recycle and reuse our old patio furniture?
One great reason to choose a metal garden furniture set made out of aluminium, is that it does not rust.
It is not as difficult as you might think to ‘make-do-and-mend’ and restore your well-used patio furniture instead of throwing them out for a new...
Our latest video shows you how to repair any paint chips or scratches on your Lazy Susan aluminium garden furniture.
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