How to clean and maintain Lazy Susan garden chairs

We wanted to compliment our recent Garden Chairs posts by taking a closer look at how to clean and maintain Lazy Susan Garden Chairs.

We published our How many garden chairs do I need? article recently that looked at how to choose the right number of Garden Chairs, so it made sense to complement that with a post that specifically looks at how to clean and maintain Lazy Susan garden chairs.

The garden chair is the item that takes the most punishment. It is the piece that we move the most. It is regularly pulled out, dragged across patios, bumped up against other chairs, stacked to store, etc.

Of course, the table needs to be regularly cleaned and maintained too, however, much of what we will say in this post applies (and can be applied) to both. Lazy Susan’s metal garden chairs just sometimes need that extra little bit of TLC, more vigilance to ensure they stay in good condition compared to the tables.

That’s not to say they need anymore TLC than our competitors or other materials such as wood and plastic. In fact, our cast aluminium garden chairs if anything, are actually easier to clean and maintain…

How to Clean Lazy Susan Garden Chairs

Cleaning a Lazy Susan Garden Chair is quick and simple. No need for any specialist cleaning products, you’ll have everything you need in your kitchen cupboard.

My recommended method is to add a squirt of washing up liquid to a bucket of warm water and give them a good wipe down with a soft sponge or cloth. Nothing abrasive just a gentle wash down and let the soapy water remove any build-up grime. 

If you leave your chairs outside all year round, then you’ll probably want to do this every couple of months or so. If you store them in a shed or garage and pull them out weather permitting, then you might need to only do this once a year.

When washed, rinse with cold water and leave them to dry in the sun. Simple but the painted coating protects the metal and this is all it should need.

However, over time you can find if left outside that painted finish can lose a little of its lustre. Sun, rain, dirt swirling around can take away some of the sheen. The best solution is once washed and dry, with a soft microfibre cloth and apply a light coat of car wax or baby oil. Both do the job but my preference is for a good quality car wax. 

You only need a very light coating and you simply rub it all over the surface. This will restore the lustre of our paintwork but also provide additional weatherproofing as it helps any rainwater to bead and run off.

If you find any stubborn dirt on your garden chairs, then our How to get your outdoor furniture ready for summer post looks in detail at how you can remove things like bird droppings and tree sap, etc.

How to maintain Lazy Susan Garden Chairs

Our garden chairs are constructed from high-quality sand-cast aluminium which has many advantages over other types of outdoor material. It will not rust or rot and is perfect for the changeable climate in the UK.

Just like cleaning, maintenance is also simple. Our furniture features a protective weatherproof painted finish. The key to keeping your garden chairs like new is making sure this painted finish is sound. If chipped and if moisture is allowed to get in then it can be compromised.

Feet are the spot you need to pay close attention to. If for example, you have them on a stone patio, when the chairs are dragged over it, you could chip the bottom. Just flip them over every now and again. 

If you find a chip, then you can use our Touch Up Paint kits to cover it. The video above shows how you can do this quick and simple repair.

The Lazy Susan Garden Chair Collection 2021

If you want great quality garden furniture that is built to last, then our metal garden chairs are the classic choice. 

At Lazy Susan, our garden chairs are made in the UK from high-grade cast aluminium that is painted to stand up to the elements.

Available in a choice of finishes including sandstone, antique bronze, slate grey and white, there’s a colour for every patio…

April Garden Chair 

April Garden Chair £130.00
Available in Antique BronzeSlateWhite and Sandstone.
The April chair has an intricate metalwork design, featuring overlapping arcs on the curved chair back and a lattice design on the seat. April is a lightweight chair weighing only 6kg, which makes moving it around easy for adults, and children. Our April chair perfectly complements many different tables from our classic range and is offered as a choice for multiple table sets. To add an instant touch of elegance to your table set choose the April chair, and enjoy al fresco dining at its best.

Emma Garden Chair

Emma Garden Chair £139.95  
Available in Antique BronzeSlate and White.
The Emma chair features a large criss-cross design and a curved seat back which gives the chair a highly elegant look. The Emma chair can also be paired with many different Lazy Susan table sets that are available to be purchased as it is an extremely versatile design. Our Emma chair is also a lightweight model weighing only 4.5kg, which makes moving it around and picking it up very easy. Enjoy al fresco dining in style, and comfort with the Emma chair.

Rose Garden Chair

Rose Garden Chair £139.95
Available in Antique BronzeSlate and White.
The Rose chair is stylishly designed with a central rose design on the back of the chair and latticework on the seat. Our Rose chair is very popular with our customers and continues to be our best-selling bench with many glowing reviews. The Rose chair complements multiple tables we sell at Lazy Susan and it is available as a choice with many sets. Notably, the Rose chair is very lightweight at only 6kg, which makes assembly, and moving it around in your garden a far smoother task.

Jane Garden Chairs

Jane Garden Chair £159.95
Available in Antique BronzeSlate and White.
Our Jane chair is a square-backed design featuring minimalist latticework. For those seeking a contemporary update for their garden furniture, the Jane chair is the perfect choice as it combines a chic design with practicality. The Jane weighs 4.5kg, which makes moving it around and picking it up very easy for adults and children. The chairs are extremely comfortable with or without cushions. The chair back has been specially designed to have great contours so you will be happy to sit and spend a few hours over lunch.

Kate Garden Chairs

Kate Garden Chair £159.95  
Available in Antique Bronze, Slate and White.
The Kate chair is our heaviest model of chair available weighing a sturdy 8kg, and it features a wide criss-cross metalwork design. As this is our most substantial chair, it uses a little more cast aluminium material to manufacture, so there is a small additional cost when choosing this chair, but I am sure that you will agree with the customers who have already taken delivery that it's well worth paying a little bit extra.

Maria Garden Chairs

Maria Garden Chair £159.95
Available in Slate and White.
The Maria chair is a high-backed model with an elaborate, curving metalwork design on the seatback. Our Maria combines elegant style, comfort and practicality to provide you with the perfect garden chair. The Maria is also a lightweight chair which makes it easy to move around, and pick up as it only weighs 5kg. When purchasing a garden furniture table the Maria chair is available as an option with many of the different tables we stock.

Mary Garden Chairs

Mary Garden Chair £159.95
Available in White only.
Our Mary chair is a high-backed design that features exquisite metalwork. The Mary combines contemporary style and utility which makes it a brilliant choice to complement your purchase of an outdoor garden table. Mary works with a large number of the different outdoor garden tables we sell and is a very versatile piece of garden furniture. Not only is it versatile, but it's also lightweight which makes moving it around and picking it up a very easy task as it weighs only 5kg.

Garden Chair Cushions

Garden Chair Cushions 

Coordinated with your outdoor furniture, Lazy Susan’s Garden Chair Cushions let you customise the look and comfort of your outside living space. You’ll find an array of colours on offer that will help enhance the atmosphere and feel of your chairs, bench, or sun loungers.

All our cushions are highly practical and made from waterproof fabric that won’t fade, therefore you can leave them outside in all conditions. Plus, you and can remove the fabric via a zip to wash and refresh. 

Our collection includes high back styles that can be tied on and fit any of our Lazy Susan chairs, seats and benches perfectly. Presented in Green, Terracotta, Navy (pictured above) and Stone, each design is created in an armless silhouette that’s lightweight and will complement any elegant colour scheme.

To find out how to best clean and maintain our garden chair cushions, please read our How to clean outdoor furniture cushion covers article.

How to build a Lazy Garden Chair

This metal chair is the heaviest of all the chairs that we sell and is supplied flat packed. Assembly is really straightforward and will only take about 10 minutes per chair.

As this is our most substantial chair, it uses a little more cast aluminium material to manufacture, so there is a small additional cost when choosing this chair, but I am sure that you agree with the customers who have already taken delivery, that it's well worth paying a little bit extra.

How to assemble a Kate Chair

How to assemble an April Chair

How to assemble a May Chair

How to assemble a Rose Chair

How to assemble an Emma Chair 

You can view all our Garden Furniture Assembly Videos on our YouTube Channel or you can Shop the full Lazy Susan Garden Chair Collection.

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