How big is a 6-seater garden table set?

We’re looking at how big our 6-seater garden table sets are and how much floor space you need on your patio for them to fit and function correctly…

Our 6-seater garden table sets are one of our best-selling set sizes and for good reason. If you like to entertain friends or have family gatherings in summer, then a 6-seater dining set from Lazy Susan will give you ample seating for your guests, allowing everyone to dine in style and comfort.

They are just the right size in terms of 'not being too big but big enough' for a family garden. Even if you don't regularly have six people dining, that extra space and seating gives you flexibility. You can spread out, lay out a BBQ or nibbles, sit back with drinks, or set up games without bumping knees and elbows.

Plus, who’s to say your needs won’t change over time? Maybe a new arrival in the family? Investing in a larger table now ensures you're prepared for future events or bigger garden gatherings where more seating will be required.

We recently looked at the importance of good scale and proportion with our smaller 2 and 4-seater sets, but with a larger 6-seater table, you can make a stronger visual impact in your outdoor space, using it as a focal point for gatherings and enhancing the overall look and feel of your garden.

6-seater garden table sets from Lazy Susan

A 6-seater table offers greater versatility. They can serve multiple purposes beyond just dining. You can use it as a place to gather for activities like crafting or playing card games. Of course, you need the outdoor space for them, a garden table and 6 chairs is a big chunk of patio real estate.

Therefore, you must start by considering your specific needs, measuring the size of your outdoor space, and exploring how you envision using the patio table to determine if a 6-seater is the right choice for you.

A number of the 6-seaters with smaller tabletops in our collection are also available as 4-seaters, while the larger ones come in an 8-seater version, so we have a comprehensive range of sizes and shapes that we looked at in detail in our recent buying guide.

In this article, we want to look at how you measure, how big our 6-seater garden table sets are, and how much floor space you need on your patio for them to fit and function correctly.

How do you measure your patio for a garden table and 6 garden chairs?

How do you measure your patio for a garden table and 6 garden chairs? 

Measuring your patio accurately for a garden table and 6 chairs is essential to ensure the furniture fits comfortably, with room to sit down and move around safely, and it doesn't overcrowd the space.

This is Lazy Susan’s simple step-by-step guide on how to measure for our 6-seater sets:

  1. Clear
    Remove any old furniture or clutter from your patio so you can get a good idea of the total available free space.

  2. Tools
    All you need is a tape or laser measure, some graph paper, and a pencil to sketch out your patio layout.

  3. Measure
    Start by measuring the length and width of the patio area you want the furniture to go, measuring from one end to the other, and noting the measurements down on paper.

  4. Draw
    Sketch a rough layout of your patio to scale on your graph paper, marking up the dimensions of the patio and the planned location of the table and chairs within it.

By following these steps and taking accurate measurements, you can ensure that your patio furniture fits. The visual representation is a great way to help you shop around and better visualise how the furniture will fit and function on your patio.

How big are the Lazy Susan 6-seater garden tables?

1. June 6-Seat Garden Table

June 6-Seat Garden Table

2. Catherine 6-Seat Garden Table

Catherine 6-Seat Garden Table

3. Alice 6-Seat Garden Table

Alice 6-Seat Garden Table

4. Frances 6-Seat Garden Table

Frances 6-Seat Garden Table

5. Amy 6-Seat Garden Table

Amy 6-Seat Garden Table

6. Charlotte 6-Seat Garden Table

Charlotte 6-Seat Garden Table

7. Emily 6-Seat Garden Table

Emily 6-Seat Garden Table

8. Sophia 6-Seat Garden Table

Sophia 6-Seat Garden Table

9. Amelia 6-Seat Garden Table

Amelia 6-Seat Garden Table

10. Joyce 6-Seat Garden Table

Joyce 6-Seat Garden Table

How much floor space do you need for a 6-seater table set?

How much floor space do you need for a 6-seater table set?

To calculate how much floor space you need on your patio for a 6-seater garden dining table set, you need to determine the dimensions of the table itself and the space required for comfortable seating on 6 chairs, and safe movement around it.

Factor in the following elements:

  1. Table
    As per the previous section, our 6-seater patio tables range in size. All our legs are recessed so the figures you need are the tabletop dimensions.

  2. Chairs
    Our sets are supplied as standard with our April garden chair, which is 60 cm deep. However, we advise up to 75 cm so that people can sit comfortably and move in and out without it feeling cramped.

  3. Clearance
    You need to allow for adequate space around the table and chairs for easy movement. We call this the working space and we recommend an additional 75 cm around the perimeter of the table and chairs so they can be pushed back and for people to move around safely and comfortably.

  4. Shape
    Keep in mind the table shape and style you're considering. Our oval tables typically work well in longer, narrow spaces, while the round ones often suit more compact or symmetrical spaces. Square and rectangle tables on the other hand can be pushed up against a wall if need be.

  5. Access
    If your patio has any steps, doorways or pathways leading to it, then please make sure the furniture arrangement doesn't block these access points.

Catherine 6-Seat Garden Table Set

So, let's calculate the total space needed for our best-selling 6-seater Oval Catherine Garden Dining Set (pictured above and dimensions illustrated below):

Catherine 6-Seat Garden Table Dimensions

  1. Table = 208 cm x 103 cm

  2. Chairs = 75 cm

  3. Clearance = 75 cm

  4. Total Space Needed = 358 cm x 253 cm

You can calculate the exact floor space needed based on these measurements and it is illustrated below:

Catherine 6-Seater Floor Plan Guide

Ensure that your patio has enough room to accommodate both the table, chairs and working space, without feeling cramped or obstructing any safe movement around the space.

However, please note the working space figure is a guide only. Every patio is different. You might think you can work with a little less, if say the chair backs up to a wall, for example.

If you think it leaves the space looking a little empty then you could look at our larger 8-seater tables or zone the space for different functions such as dining, lounging, grilling, etc.

If space is limited, then you might consider dropping down to one of our smaller 4-seater tables or look at alternative seating arrangements such as pairing a smaller table with a garden bench that can be pulled up when needed to best optimise your layout.

How do you know if a garden table set is a good fit?

How do you know if a garden table set is a good fit?

Ensuring that a 6-seater patio dining set provides good scale and proportion on your patio involves considering the size and layout of both the patio and the furniture.

Here's how you can assess whether a 6-seater dining set will offer good scale and proportion:

  1. Dimensions
    As per the previous section, start by measuring your patio and get accurate dimensions for the set or pieces you are considering purchasing.

  2. Visualise
    Use visual aids such as a drawing to scale on graph paper or digital design tools such as iScape or Sketch Up to better visualise how the dining set will fit into your patio space.

  3. Spacing
    Ensure there is enough space around the dining set for comfortable movement and seating. Aim for 1.5m around the table but remember each patio is different.

  4. Shape
    Remember the shape of the table can impact how it fits into your patio space.

  5. Proportion
    Consider the overall size of your patio in relation to the size of the dining set. A large patio can accommodate a larger dining set without feeling cramped, while a smaller patio may benefit from a more compact or streamlined option.

  6. Balance
    Take into account other elements on and around your patio, such as the planting, outdoor decor, or architectural features. Ensure that the dining set complements these elements and maintains a sense of balance and harmony with them.

  7. Experiment
    If you are struggling to visualise with paper or an app, then mark up temporary placeholders in washable chalk or masking tape to outline the dimensions of the set on your patio. This allows you to see how it will fit and function the way you want it to.

At the end of the day, the above is there as a guide to help as you browse our shop. What’s most important is to consider your personal preferences and how you envision the dining set enhancing your outdoor living space.

Choosing a table size and style that resonates with your home and garden design sensibilities, while meeting your functional needs, is what will get you outside and enjoying the space this summer!

6-seater garden table set from Lazy Susan

Hopefully, this guide will help you to create a balanced and inviting outdoor dining area. However, if you have any further questions or concerns about whether or not a specific set will fit and function in your garden, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

When your new 6-seater garden table set from Lazy Susan is in situ, please take a few snaps and send them to us for our Do Some Good charity campaign too. You can tag us @LazySusanFurniture on Instagram or Facebook or Upload Here.

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