Should you leave patio cushions outside?

We are discussing if you can leave patio cushions outside and sharing our tips on how to protect and safely store outdoor cushions when you're not using them...

Patio cushions are, for many, an essential part of their outdoor setting. This is because they complement the overall style of your outdoor sofas and chairs while giving you and your guests some extra comfort. But what happens when it rains? Can you leave them out in direct sunlight? 

In this blog post, we’ll answer these questions by exploring how you can take care of your patio cushions while they are outside — extending their lifespan for as long as possible. Let’s get started...

Are patio cushions waterproof? 

Are patio cushions waterproof?

Most outdoor cushions aren’t waterproof. This is because being waterproof means that your cushions must be able to survive any kind of soaking. It doesn’t matter how heavy or prolonged the rain is — your cushions will not be damaged. But realistically, your outdoor cushions probably won’t be able to survive outside in heavy, prolonged downpours of rain. However, they should be able to shake off a light shower. But you’ll still need to dry them out thoroughly and quickly to prevent mildew and mould. 

How do patio cushions hold up against direct sunlight?

How do patio cushions hold up against direct sunlight?

How your outdoor cushions hold up in the sunlight depends on the material they are made from. For example, outdoor cushions that are made from 100% solution-dyed acrylic will have UV protection and as a result, be fade-resistant. This means that your cushions will keep their original colour for much longer than if they were made from low-performance materials like linen and silk.

Can I make my patio cushions waterproof and UV-resistant? 

To leave your patio cushions outdoors during the rain, it’s a good idea to make them waterproof. You can do this by purchasing and using a waterproof spray made with a special formula. This spray creates an invisible barrier on your cushions that protects them from grease, dirt, and rain when they are outside. Additionally, some sprays can protect patio cushions from ultraviolet (UV) rays to prevent the fabric from weakening and fading.

More tips for protecting and storing your cushions

More tips for protecting and storing your cushions

Let's take a look at the different ways you can protect your patio cushions while they are outside.

1. Buy Protective Covers

Investing in high-quality water-resistant covers will help protect your outdoor cushions from the rain and direct sunlight — keeping them like new for as long as possible. You also have a lot of options when choosing the type of cover you want to buy, including:

  • The material

  • The size

  • The color

  • Warranty

  • Vents 

  • Tie-down methods

2. Perform Regular Maintenance

If your cushions are wet, it’s best to take a dry cloth and dab them until they are dry. In addition, it’s also recommended that you wash your cushions in a 30° wash or a handwash to clean them thoroughly. If your patio cushions become stained, you may need to use a stain remover. Completing this type of regular maintenance will prolong how long your cushions will last over time.

3. Strategic Placement Throughout Your Patio

If you have a garden umbrella or parasol on your patio, you can strategically place your outdoor cushions throughout the day so they are in the shade or not in direct sunlight. 

4. Use Outdoor Storage Containers 

Finding a place to store your outdoor cushions neatly and without taking up too much space can be a challenge. A great solution to this challenge is a decking box. A deck box can be purchased in many different sizes and colours. This means that you can store it in a suitable place and it’ll match the rest of your furniture. They also don’t typically require a lot of regular maintenance to keep them in good condition — and can be waterproof and frostproof.

Final Thoughts

Patio cushions come in a variety of gorgeous colours and styles — ensuring that you’ll find ones you love for your outdoor garden.  To make sure your cushions last and are ready to be used in the warmer months, invest in water-resistant cushions. You'll also need to care for them in the sunshine using the tips we provided in this article.

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