The Lazy Susan guide to buying and styling black garden furniture

We’re taking a closer look at the advantages of our collection, how to buy online, and how to style black garden furniture...

Here at Lazy Susan, we love black metal. No not the controversial heavy metal music sub-genre. Our black garden furniture collection. It is our best-selling colour and it is the perfect choice for UK gardens and patios.

It features a premium black base coat with a beautifully flecked bronze overlay to give what we refer to as our antique bronze finish, and whether you have a large open garden or small patio area, we have a black metal furniture set for your outside space.

Our comprehensive range includes coordinating patio dining tables, bistros, side tables, chairs, loungers, benches and parasols, in our trademark timeless and sophisticated style.

All our pieces are beautifully crafted from high-grade cast aluminium, which is then powder coated with a durable black and bronze painted finish.

As one of the toughest garden furniture materials, cast aluminium is perfectly suited to the UK climate and is designed to last a lifetime without rusting, rotting or tarnishing.

It is super easy to maintain too, just an occasional wash with some warm soapy water to keep it clean will suffice, and the classic styling means it won’t go out of style.

All that adds up to a patio set, that is low maintenance, designed to stand up to the elements, and will live at the heart of your garden for many years to come.

In this article, we want to take a closer look at the advantages of black garden furniture, how to buy a new set from Lazy Susan, and how you can finish off your outside space with our top black metal garden furniture styling tips.

Why purchase black garden furniture for your outside space?

Why purchase black garden furniture for your outside space?

Buying black patio furniture comes with several advantages that make it a popular choice in the UK for our outside spaces. In an outdoor setting, it is a timeless, versatile, durable, stylish, and cohesive colour choice:

1. Black patio furniture is timeless and elegant

Black in an outdoor setting is a classic look that never goes out of style and brings an air of sophistication to your patio. It adds a touch of elegance to any outdoor space, making it a suitable colour for both modern and traditional styles of furniture.

Black is often associated with sophistication and elegance. It can make your outdoor space look more refined and polished, adding a touch of luxury. It can also provide a strong contrast against natural elements such as stone paving, green planting, and colourful flowers.

2. Black outdoor furniture is versatile

Black is a classic neutral colour that seamlessly blends most garden design schemes and colour palettes. It can adapt to different outdoor themes, whether you prefer a modern, minimalist look or a more traditional, rustic style.

Whether your patio is decorated in bright, bold colours or muted earth tones, black furniture will only complement and enhance the overall look. This versatility also means you can easily change your planting, outdoor decor, accessories, etc, without worrying about your patio furniture clashing.

Black outdoor furniture is a long-lasting choice that can be used in various settings, from patios and gardens to balconies and decks. The understated elegance of the colour makes it suitable for both casual and formal outdoor spaces.

3. Black is a durable colour for garden furniture

Many black patio furniture pieces are made from high-quality materials like metal, wrought iron, or high-quality resins, which are known for their durability and weather resistance.

These materials, as you will find with our cast aluminium range, have protective coatings that help maintain their appearance and extend their lifespan, so regardless of colour, they will be durable.

However, a black or dark grey finish has several advantages over popular light colours such as white and beige. For a start, you generally find that a matte or satin-finish black will conceal dirt and stains much better than a lighter colour or high gloss finish.

Black furniture tends to show dirt, dust, and stains less readily, meaning it is easier to maintain as it will not require cleaning as frequently. High-quality garden furniture, such as the Lazy Susan range, uses specialist UV-resistant coatings, which when applied electrostatically form a durable finish that will not fade due to the sun and rain.

Any scratches or chips that do occur are less noticeable on black furniture, and they are easily fixed with our black touch-up paint, which will restore the finish to new. Easy to apply, the 2-step process requires a black base coat and then the Bronze stippled on top when dry with a paper towel.

4. Black garden furniture has aesthetic appeal

Depending on the style of furniture you purchase, black can look sleek and modern or elegant and timeless. It creates a striking contrast against the greenery and colourful planting in your garden, and whilst it won’t recede into the background, it enhances rather than trying to steal the show.

As an outdoor furniture colour, it exudes a timeless elegance that effortlessly complements various garden styles, from traditional to contemporary. In spaces with vibrant planting, it provides a striking but visually dynamic contrast.

Black is also a practical choice for outdoor furniture as it tends to hide dirt and wear better than lighter colours, especially in the UK's unpredictable weather conditions. It will bring a touch of sophistication and refinement to your outdoor living area.

5. You can create a cohesive look with our black collection

If you have other black elements in your outdoor space, such as planters, lighting fixtures, railings, window frames or doors, etc, then black furniture will help create a cohesive and harmonious look.

It doesn’t matter if the overall theme for your outdoor space is modern, classic, rustic, or contemporary, black furniture is the perfect choice as it doesn’t say one or the other but fits with both.

With our range, you can purchase additional pieces that match or complement the core patio table sets, such as benches, parasols, loungers, cushions, and side tables. Staying within the same collection will help ensure a unified look too. You can use matching/coordinating accent tables to tie different seating areas together. As a starting point, it is a great platform and colour base to build from.

Our range delivers a classic elegance that will not go out of style. The black ornate metalwork pairs perfectly with both neutral tones and bold colours. By carefully selecting and coordinating furniture pieces, accessories, and decor, you can create a cohesive and stylish outdoor space with our black collection.

The key is to maintain a consistent colour scheme, mix textures and patterns thoughtfully, and incorporate various elements that complement the overall design theme in your patio and garden.

Will black metal garden furniture absorb heat in summer?

Will black metal garden furniture absorb heat in summer?

One of the big questions people have regarding black metal outdoor furniture is whether it will get hot to the touch in the summer. All high-quality materials will and we looked at the suitability of our range in our Does an aluminium garden table and chairs get hot in the sun? article.

In that post we looked at how black furniture will potentially absorb more heat in direct sunlight than lighter colours, however, this can be beneficial in the cooler climes of the UK where warmth is desired, and the fact it is a good conductor of heat is a positive:

"The big advantage aluminium has over other materials such as wood and resins is that it will not be damaged by the sun's UV rays. Yes, it might get a little warmer to the touch but it will not fade or crack under any high heat. Garden furniture with good thermal conductivity, when exposed to sunlight will still become hot during warm weather, but it will also dissipate that heat the quickest."

We went on to say that:

"Outdoor furniture in the UK will potentially be exposed to varying temperatures in a single day too, and thermal conductivity helps prevent the material from deteriorating or warping due to extreme temperature changes. For example, if there is a sudden downpour on a hot day, and your garden table and chairs are exposed to that cooling rain, then it could be an issue with materials like wood, as they could easily split or warp. "

And that:

"Other materials and metals that tend to retain heat for longer periods, will make them more uncomfortable to touch during hot weather. Patio furniture with lower thermal conductivity like cast aluminium will retain heat for a shorter duration. Take it out of direct sunlight, pop it in the shade, and it will cool down much quicker."

That said, black surfaces will absorb all wavelengths of light and convert them into heat, while lighter colours reflect more light and absorb less heat. As a result, black furniture can become warm to the touch when exposed to direct sunlight.

Cast aluminium is an efficient conductor of heat, meaning it heats up quickly when exposed to sunlight. Black metal furniture will, therefore, become hotter than furniture made of other materials like wood or plastic, but it is much less likely to fade, warp and split if it is suddenly cooled.

How do you mitigate heat absorption?

To make black metal garden furniture more comfortable during the summer, you should consider the following steps:

  1. Cushions
    Adding cushions or seat pads can provide a barrier between you and the hot metal surface. Choose light-coloured or reflective materials for the cushions to reduce heat absorption.

  2. Shade
    Position your furniture under a shade structure such as an umbrella, pergola, or canopy. This can significantly reduce the amount of direct sunlight the furniture receives.

  3. Move
    Opt for lightweight, moveable pieces that can be easily relocated to shaded areas as needed throughout the day.

  4. Time
    Use the furniture during cooler parts of the day, such as early morning or late afternoon, when the sun is not as intense.

  5. Cover
    When not in use, cover your furniture with reflective or light-coloured covers to keep it cooler.

By implementing these strategies, you can enjoy the benefits of black metal garden furniture while minimising the discomfort from heat absorption during the summer months.

How to shop for new black garden furniture

How to shop for new black garden furniture

Shopping for new black garden furniture involves several simple steps that will help you find a set or individual pieces that meet your style preferences, functional needs, and budget:

  1. Measure
    Measure your outdoor area to understand the set size and/or number of furniture pieces that will best fit in the space. Our How big is a 6-seater garden table set? looks at how to do this in more detail.

  2. Functionality
    Decide how you intend to use the space to determine what type of furniture is best, such as dining, lounging, or entertaining) and think about how many people you typically entertain to ensure there’s enough seating.

  3. Budget
    Establish a budget to narrow down your options and prevent overspending. Keep in mind that quality materials may cost more but are often more durable so will last longer with the need for less maintenance.

  4. Design
    Choose a design style that complements your taste, home and outdoor space, whether it’s modern, traditional, or rustic.

  5. Materials
    Popular options available in a black finish include our lightweight and rust-resistant aluminium, durable but heavier wrought iron, synthetic black rattan furniture, plastic resins and some darker woods such as teak can appear a dark brown/black when new but will require regular maintenance to prevent them from fading/weathering.

  6. Comfort
    Look for ergonomically shaped furniture that can be paired with weather-resistant cushions to offset the heat absorption of black furniture and significantly improve comfort.

  7. Quality
    Check for quality construction, such as reinforced joints and solid welds. Ensure the furniture is treated to resist rust, UV protection, and moisture to prevent quick deterioration when exposed.

  8. Maintenance
    Consider the ease of maintenance. Some materials require regular upkeep (e.g. wood will require sealing/oiling), while others such as cast aluminium and plastic resins are super low-maintenance.

  9. Samples
    Browse reputable online retailers for a wider selection. Read reviews and check the return policy before purchasing. If you want to see the quality of our range order a free sample pack, look at our Trustpilot reviews and browse our customer photos.

  10. Compare
    Check prices across different retailers to find the best deals. Check if the furniture comes with a warranty for added peace of mind. Ensure the store has a good returns policy in case the furniture doesn’t meet expectations.

  11. Accessories
    Don’t forget to consider additional items like covers, cushions, parasols, etc to protect your furniture and enhance your outdoor space.

By following these simple steps, you can confidently shop online for a new black garden furniture set that will enhance your outdoor living space and meet your functional needs.

How to maintain and clean our black metal furniture

As we mentioned in the advantages, black furniture generally tends to show dirt and stains less readily than lighter colours. This can be particularly advantageous for us here in the UK where we are exposed to lots of wind, dust, rain, and pollen.

Maintaining and cleaning black metal furniture from Lazy Susan involves a few simple steps to ensure it stays looking great and ready to enjoy when the sun shines. We have 8 simple steps for you to follow for our black metal furniture:

  1. Brush
    Use a soft-bristle brush or dry cloth to remove dust, leaves, and other debris from the surface of the furniture.

  2. Wash
    Mix up a little car shampoo or washing up liquid in warm water and wash with a soft cloth or sponge. Pay close attention to the detail and latticework where dirt can accumulate.

  3. Rinse
    Rinse the furniture thoroughly with a garden hose on a spray setting to remove any soap residue.

  4. Dry
    Wipe the furniture with a towel to remove excess water and then leave it to air dry to prevent water marks.

  5. Protect
    Apply a light coat of car wax to give the black paint a nice lustre and provide a little extra protection.

  6. Inspect
    Inspect the furniture regularly for signs of damage, such as chips and scratches and address them immediately.

  7. Touch-Up
    For minor scratches or chips, use our 2-stage black and antique bronze touch-up paint to match the furniture's original finish.

  8. Cover
    If possible, store the furniture indoors during bad weather or cover it with weather-resistant covers to keep it clean.

By following these 8 steps, you can keep your black metal furniture from Lazy Susan looking beautiful and functional for many years.

The Lazy Susan black garden furniture collection for summer 2024

Our beautiful black garden furniture collection features a premium black powder-coated base with a subtle flecked bronze overlay for depth and interest.

Whether you have a large patio or small deck, we have an extensive range of black garden tables, chairs, sun loungers, benches and accessories, all in our trademark timeless style.

Our best-selling black sets by seating size are as follows:

10+ Seater Black Garden Furniture Tables

10+ Seater Black Garden Furniture Tables

At 250 x 177 cm, the Victoria is the largest black oval garden furniture set we stock and it features intricate metalwork with a gentle wave effect and a cascading edge.

See Victoria in black in our shop

8 Seater Black Garden Furniture Tables

8 Seater Black Garden Furniture Tables

Bring a touch of luxury and style to your outdoor space with our 150cm round Frances 6-seater dining set. The intricate latticework top and eye-catching black with an antique bronze finish will create a stunning focal point in any garden.

See Frances in black in our shop

6 Seater Black Garden Furniture Tables

6 Seater Black Garden Furniture Tables

You can bring your outdoor space to life with our 150 x 95 cm oval June 6-seater dining set. Featuring a beautiful latticework top with a classic double-helix border, the June is our best-selling set.

See June in black in our shop

4 Seater Black Garden Furniture Tables

4 Seater Black Garden Furniture Tables

Make the family BBQ an elegant occasion every time with our 120 cm round Alice table set. Featuring a beautiful lattice tabletop with an intricate woven border, Alice is our most-loved 4-seater set.

See Alice in black in our shop

2 Seater Black Garden Bistro Tables

2 Seater Black Garden Bistro Tables

Our Tulip 60cm round bistro-style table has an elegant central floral design on the tabletop, which makes it a stand-out piece in our black garden furniture collection.

See the Tulip black bistro set in our shop

Black Garden Benches

Black Garden Benches

Our Jasmine in black has been our bestselling garden bench for many years, with its classic combination of style, comfort and durability, it is the perfect choice to give your garden a more contemporary feel.

See our Jasmine garden bench in black in our shop

Black Metal Sun Loungers

Black Metal Sun Loungers

Bring an instant touch of elegance to your garden with our 177cm black Stella lounger. Featuring our trademark style and latticework, it has scrolled armrests for laidback elegance and wheels to easily move it in or out of the sun.

See our black Stella lounger in our shop

How to style our black garden furniture in your garden space

Here at Lazy Susan, we think it is essential you balance the black furniture with other elements in the garden to prevent it from overwhelming the space. Adding pops of colour through cushions, parasols, throws, or garden decor will help create a harmonious and inviting outdoor environment.

Styling your new black metal garden furniture can create an inviting and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space. Here are some ideas and tips to help you style your furniture:

1. Outdoor Fabrics

How to style our black garden furniture in your garden space

Black furniture works with both neutral tones and bold pops of colour but outdoor fabrics are a great way to up the comfort and style. Use cushions and throws in bright or neutral colours to create a striking contrast against the black metal. Incorporate patterns, geometric designs, floral prints, or stripes to add visual interest. Mix and match different textures to add depth and comfort.

2. Planting

How to style our black garden furniture in your garden space

Place potted plants on and around your black garden furniture to bring a sense of harmony and cohesion with the rest of your outside space. Choose a mix of tall and short plants for varied height and visual appeal. Surround your seating area with flower beds to add colour and nature. Use hanging plants or wall-mounted planters to maximise space and add greenery at different levels. Our favourite low-maintenance potted plants for a garden table centrepiece article breaks down some of our favourite plant types.

3. Outdoor Rugs

How to style our black garden furniture in your garden space

Select an outdoor rug that complements your cushions and overall colour scheme. A rug is the perfect item to define the seating area and bring a touch of luxury warmth. Both stylish and practical, opt for bold patterns or simple, solid colour blocks, and ensure the rug is weather-resistant and easy to clean before you buy.

4. Garden Lighting

How to style our black garden furniture in your garden space

If you plan to use your garden table on a summer’s evening, then look to hang string lights above the seating area to create a cosy, magical atmosphere when the sun starts setting. Place lanterns with candles or LED lights on the table or around the seating area for a warm glow. Use solar-powered garden lights to illuminate pathways and highlight statement trees, plants or features in your outside space.

5. Garden Table Decor

How to style our black garden furniture in your garden space

When using, decorate your black table with stylish tableware, placemats, and a centrepiece like a vase with fresh flowers or a decorative bowl. When not in use pair it with decorative items such as sculptures, potted plants, or crafted garden art to personalise the space. Use a parasol to add a structural element to the space and protect you from the sun and passing summer showers.

6. Mix Furniture

How to style our black garden furniture in your garden space

A great way to style any colour of garden furniture is to combine different pieces, like garden benches and side tables, with your main black dining set to create a dynamic and functional layout. If you like to dine and entertain, incorporate a black metal outdoor sofa with comfortable cushions for a lounge area and use a bistro set in a smaller area for intimate dining or cosy morning coffee. Pair a larger dining set with an offset-to-one-side garden bench to combine flexibility, practicality and aesthetic appeal.

7. Patio Zones

How to style our black garden furniture in your garden space

Create zones on your patio by function like you would a larger open plan space inside the home. Set up a dining table and chairs with tablecloth and placemats. Arrange loungers or a hammock for a relaxing area. Add side tables for convenience and outdoor storage solutions for practicality. Position garden sofas and chairs around a central low coffee table to create a conversational setup. Customise your outside space to reflect your style and how you like to spend time using it.

Our final thoughts for your outdoor space…
Our final thoughts for your outdoor space…

Black patio furniture is widely available and comes in a variety of styles, materials, and price points, making it easy to find pieces or sets that fit your specific tastes and needs. It is a practical and stylish choice that will only enhance the appearance and functionality of your outdoor living space.

A smart investment for those looking to create a timeless and elegant outdoor space, black garden furniture is versatile, easy to maintain, and easy to style and pair with a multitude of looks and outdoor colour schemes.

We would always suggest that you shop around but look to invest in high-quality black garden furniture made from durable materials such as our powder-coated cast aluminium.

To keep it looking great and ready to use, be sure to perform regular maintenance checks, clean the furniture periodically, and apply protection as needed.

Here at Lazy Susan, our black collection is a durable and practical colour choice due to its ability to conceal dirt, resistance to fading, and compatibility with various landscaping materials.

If you have any photos of your new black garden furniture from Lazy Susan, we’d love to see a few snaps for our Do Some Good charity campaign. You can tag us @LazySusanFurniture on Instagram or Facebook or Upload Here.

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